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Solutions for the integration of art into construction projects

The project aims to increase the number of art and creative design commissions by municipalities and construction companies. The project brings forward administrative, structural and economic chains behind art initiatives. Its focus is on recognising the commissioner of a creative design project. The use of art consultancy services in construction projects has a direct impact on the growth in demand for art-related services.


The project creates procedures for collaboration between the construction and art sectors. The aim is to develop a user-oriented service concept that works for planning departments, municipalities and businesses in areas related to creative arts and urban planning. The project promotes the networking of creative professionals and the construction industry. Its objective is to turn scattered activities into a continuous cooperative development process that utilizes multiple skill sets.


The project is divided into sub-projects, the contents of which support the integration of arts and creative approaches to planning and construction projects:



- The development of services and, through these, also the markets and the concept makes it easier for developers to commission the art and design services they need according to the industry's normal practices.



- Processed procedures to incorporate arts and creative approaches into municipal and urban construction projects.



- Tools for municipalities that support them in creative design and art commissions and help them to monitor the development of the quality of the environment.


The result will be a vibrant ecosystem and a functional business structure where art consultancy agencies and other art agencies can provide services to municipalities, the construction industry and artists. As the number of job opportunities increases, professionals in the field of creative design will be employed in a variety of roles in the construction sector – as specialists, service providers and members of the planning department teams.