Taide käyttöön at European Creative Industries Summit 10.-11.9.2019


European Creative Business Network together with Kaapeli proudly presents the 9th European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) in Helsinki. The ECIS19 is part of the official program and under the auspices of Finland’s EU Presidency.

The ECIS 2019 focuses on the IMPACT of cross-innovations for the competitiveness of the wider economy – driven by the cultural and creative industries.

The conference deals with questions like:
• How can the cultural and creative sectors increase their impact on European competitiveness ?
• How to overcome obstacles and challenges for cross-innovations?
• How can cultural and creative entrepreneurs by cross-innovation actions respond to the challenges facing European society and the economy over the next 25 years?

Our project Taide käyttöön will be at the summit presenting what we do and why we should have more art in construction. Come meet us!



Miisa Pulkkinen