Cupore Vaikuttavuuden tutkimuksen päivillä 3.12.


Ensimmäiset Vaikuttavuuden tutkimuksen päivät Itä-Suomen yliopistossa ovat monitieteinen keskustelufoorumi alan tutkijoille, asiantuntijoille sekä muille työssään uusinta tutkimustietoa vaikuttavuudesta tarvitseville. Oona Myllyntaus pitää Cuporen osahankkeesta esityksen vaikuttavuustutkimusta tekeville maisteri- ja tohtoriopiskelijoille.

Vaikuttavuuden tutkimuksen päivien esikonferenssi 3.12.2018, Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Vaikuttavuuden talo

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Esityksen abstrakti englanniksi:

Measuring the economic impacts of public art in construction sector

The Center for Cultural Policy Research Cupore has launched in the fall of 2018 a research project titled How to measure the effects of art in construction projects? The project aims to identify the economic impacts that public art produces in the construction industry from the perspective of various stakeholders. The need for mapping economic impacts of art in construction projects has recently emerged in Finland, as highlighted for example in the State of Built Environment Finland ROTI 2017 report.

It is claimed that art and design are adding value to construction – however, one may question the foundations of the argument. Better integrating art into construction projects requires research on the economic impacts of art, which are challenging to measure. These impacts can be investigated in urban economics, urban planning, and cultural policy, among other disciplines. In this study, the focus is pragmatically on the goals set and the observed economic effects of art in the real estate business and construction sector.

For construction companies and municipalities the direct economic impacts of public art can result from the building of new residential areas and regeneration projects. The indirect effects of public art can be interlinked, for example, with building the image of a city and employer branding. In the field of residential construction, we examine whether the art present in a specific residential area and a residential building have affected the decision to buy or rent an apartment. And how do residents perceive the effect of art on the living experience, such as the reputation and security of residential areas?

Oona Myllyntaus